Why does my boyfriend get lovey dicey after a few drinks?

Don't get me wrong, he does act affectionately with me. He definitely turns it up a notch though when he's been drinking. This weekend he couldn't stop telling me how much he loved me, kissing me, and telling me how lucky he is to have me. He has told me he loved me before but he doesn't do this kind of stuff much or to that degree. When i ask if he says this stuff just because of the alcohol he gets mad and says no. But if he felt that way wouldn't he do it regularly not just once in a great while? Do you think these are his true feelings or just the alcohol talking?


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  • I used to do that u tell the morning I woke up engaged to a girl I had only been dating for 2 months and that stoped that right quick


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  • Alcohol lowers people's inhibitions and breaks their "defences". Your boyfriend loves you, but he's probably scared to show it to you.