Guys best excuses?

Ok everyone now i thought i had hurd it all but this guy has brought it to a whole new level.
We connected in person and decided to take it to a new level through messages as we dont live by eachother. It went to sexy pics and sexual chats and fantasies that would come true when we saw eachother in a few months. We both seemed excited and all was going well until he spent some quality time with his family. Now he's saying that after spending time in churches and around monks he has decided us hooking up would not be a good idea. We are connected through a family marriage but come on you go from having no issues to having issues!!! Do guys really believe we believe this shit!!! Be a man and be straight up!!! There is no way this is the only if at all the reason for his change of thought process.
People said he was a virgin but i didn't believe it after our convos but now im wondering. Im also thinking his family found out. he's clearly a mommas/family boy.
Whats your opinions?


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  • It's probably bullshit. But hey, religion can do some fucked up shit to people who are feeble minded and don't think for themselves. It could be legit. Just depends on what you've learned about him. Or you could just call him out on it. Tell him to be real, "if youdon't like me just say so, it won't hurt my feelings, I just don't want to be led on." Boom maybe he comes out with the truth.


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  • Are you certain that he's not dating somebody else? It seems to me like he used that as an excuse.

    • Yes im positive. I know people close to him. Though i am hearing about how religious his mother is and he may be majorly influenced there.

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