This Guy Is Playing Games?

My 33 year old neighbor and I have been hanging out. He knows that I am living with my male friend, and told me he doesn't mind. Issue is that he doesn't contact me for dates... if I end up contacting him then he will always be available, but he doesn't initiate. Should I just forget about him?


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  • That's a tough one because maybe he's just shy? When you initiate and you guys go out, does he pay or do you do all of the planning and paying? If you're doing all of the work and paying, then maybe he's only tagging along for the free entertainment, however if it's not that way then the next time you two hang out, I'd drop some hints that next time he should come up with something to do. For example, let's say you did something like "Hey, have you ever had thai food? Do you want to try it with me sometime?". While you guys are munching on your noodles and curry, you could say "Are there any other foods you want to try? Well, you should find a XXXX place and we should go together sometime!" That puts the ball in his court without being too demanding or what not. Then you can see what happens. I just pray this guy isn't a loser that messes this up!

    • Thanks for the great advice, he has paid all the time pretty much. He will be like "wanna do dinner sometime?" or "wanna go see a movie sometime?" I say "yes" and he never follows up or makes a concrete plan...

    • Man, 33 and completely clueless... ;-) Well, the good news is that the guy doesn't sound like an asshole. I'm rooting for you two!

    • Well he is socially awkward... no friends, no car, works from home!!!

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  • Why don't you bring up to him that you'd love it if he initiated more often?


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