Going on vacation with boyfriend's family?

I'm nervous, because the previous other times we were at the hotel; the first time around my boyfriend's aunt slept in the same bed, but then her son came in to sleep in the bed and he kept taking all the blanket and kicking me. The second time around I ended up on the floor; my boyfriend's sister and his grandmother shared the bed with me. The blanket kept being taken, I kept getting hit and I ended up on the floor with no blanket. All I had was a shirt to cover my legs. Now, this vacation will be on a ship. They still won't let me sleep in the same room with my boyfriend (been together for 2 years and 7 months). I don't know what to do. I paid a lot of money to go on this vacation, so I need ideas.


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  • You guys should stand up for being able to stay with each other especially after being in a relationship for over two years

    • But isn't two years short? And I think they have it set that they are going on a budget on how many rooms they can afford. And even family members by genders are separated.

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    • Yeah, unfortunately. :/ They are pretty old school.

    • It sounds like it!

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  • Why couldn't you share the bed with your boyfriend, if you could share the bed with his cousin? I don't get it but anyway, just stay up late with each other cuddle, etc. And make sure you pack a blanket and sweaters lol.

    • I can't share a bed with my boyfriend, let alone sleep over his house. And we are both over age 21.

    • Plus, it was originally my boyfriend's aunt I was sharing the bed with. But then her son (the cousin) wanted to sleep with his mom.

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