Do you feel "crushing" disappointment when someone you've been having a really big crush on turns out to not be who you thought (s) he was?

  • Yes.
  • Yes, and thus continues my long search for someone else. It takes a lot to impress me.
  • Disappointed, but not that disappointed.
  • I feel hardly anything or nothing, really. I just continue my search for the right person.
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  • Oh of course! Huge let down!


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  • People tend to set high expectations for some one before they really get to know them. We like to imagine that he or she could be the one and our search for your other half will come to an end. In reality your just setting yourself up for disappointed, you have to start thinking more realistically and just say to yourself what ever happens happens.


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  • When I found out my crush:
    -Used to smoke a lot of pot and did some other pill type drugs (early on in high school. She said she was really rebellious, but she stopped doing all that when she got a job, which is when/where I met her).

    -Hangs out with the supersluts at her school

    -Is really fucking popular at her school

    I dunno, the first year and few months I knew her I was under the impression that she was innocent and kind of less popular at school, but still well known. Like me. I guess that's why it was attractive.
    Later learned all this other stuff from her (mostly) but I still like her a lot.

    • Yeah im in the same boat atm, i got really attracted to this girl but she's not the person i thought she was. Still like her though lol

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    • i thought she had a lot of self respect, but after a few things she's said im not so sure. she's not as innocent as i first thought. We still get along really well but its slightly put me off her

    • @noneoftheabove huh. Yeah I was only put off because I wasn't expecting those things.

  • I feel hardly anything or nothing, really. I just continue my search for the right person.

  • I voted B. I recently saw a girl that blew me away early on. She was smart and we had a ton in common. We got along really well and then ended up finding out I was just a rebound to her and got ditched after we had sex, which I found out she was sleeping around during sex too.

    I mean she wasn't perfect. She'd do things I found annoying but I hadn't felt such a strong connection like that with her in a very long time and it for the way to end the way it did messed me up big time.

    • You didn't vote, lul.

    • My bad thought I clicked. Now I did

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