Should I ask her out on a date?

I talked to a very shy girl near the end of last spring semester at my town college. I expected to see her more by the semester's end, and intended to ask for her number since I tried not to "do too much" during my *first* conversation with her, but I didn't see her after that.

I found her on Facebook. She gave me her number (and I didn't ask for it), but she has poor phone signal where she lives.

As far as Facebook messages, she usually takes a while to reply. Neither of us have a car, so if I asked her to "hang out" before going on "an official date", she'll bring her sister who has a car; then I feel like I wouldn't be interacting with her as much, since she (and I) are quiet and her sister will generate most of the talk.

Should I ask her on a date? Would that be out of the blue, since I only talked to her in person once and on Facebook just here and there? Or would that be too awkward, because of her shyness?


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  • No! Not at all! If you're interested go for it! You're making a big deal out of it when it's really not. You want to hang out with her, so why not? Even if her sister is there that's great! You can get to know a member of her family and if she's shy her nerves will go way down having someone that she already knows there, so it's actually better that her sister is there than not! And you said that you're pretty quiet too and that her sister would most likely be an ice breaker, that's amazing! You're already pretty much set up for having a good time! There's nothing to lose since you aren't that close to her! If the date doesn't go well, it's not like you'll really see her that often. So, from what I can see, there's nothing to lose so you might as well go for it! :)

    • I'm planning to as soon as she replies to me faster. :/ Lul.

    • Oh yeah that's true! You still have a bit of a communication problem! I hope that it all works out okay! And yeah go for it! 😁👍🏼

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  • You'd have to have a plan in place. How would u get there? How would she? Could you be alone?


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