Girls, How am I supposed to be confident around girls if I'm not good looking?

I posted a "rate me" question and the highest rating was a "5 or 6". I got a "2 or 3" and a 4. I'm only 5'7" too. How am I supposed to be confident around girls if I'm not good looking? I'm scared to approach girls cause I'm scared they will think I'm not good looking enough. It pisses me off hearing girls call other guys "hot" or "good looking" when they never say that about me. I'm so jealous of good looking guys. Would you ever date a 5? Probably not.


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  • first of all if you haven't noticed most girls value personality over looks that's why you see so many pretty girls with average guys (or at least I've noticed that) so If u have an awesome personality most people will be attracted to that more than looks, maybe I can help what is your hair and clothing style like?

    • Can I message you the link to my rate me question? It would be easier if you saw me. I would post the link but I prefer everyone not see it. Doesn't matter tho

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    • I hope I helped, don't worry the right girl is out there for you just be patient!

    • Thanks a lot!

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  • looks isn't about anything really
    personality is key to success
    if you have a good heart and a good soul people will see it and take it serious
    im honestly beautiful and im tall and can't find anyone so it not about looks and i feel like they aren't real man out there

    • Guys are probably intimidated by you cause you're good looking. Would you date a guy that's barely average looking? Doubt it. You seem nice, you deserve an attractive guy, not "average".

  • Personality > looks
    And rating from pictures doesn't make sense anyways cause people look different in real life

    • Hope you're right. Thanks

  • Okay. First, you just have to learn to accept yourself for who you are. If you really really really aren't happy with your appearance, try getting a fancy haircut, or changing up your style a bit. If you wear the same drag sweatshirt, that's not really attractive to girls. You need to have a lot of self respect and spiffy yourself up and step up your game! You can't just expect girls to flock to you. You should learn how to properly flirt, and try different techniques and see what works best! The biggest thing though, don't think about it too much and don't care. Being confident like that is super attractive. Guess what? Even the hottest people ever get turned down. They don't sulk about it, they don't let it bother them. They understand the situation and move on. But first, respect yourself. That's very important. If you need tips on flirting, there's tons of good pages and articles in the Internet and specifically WikiHow! I'd recommend checking it out.

  • You shouldn't rely on other people to tell you if your good looking or not. I'm dating a guy right now that most of my school thinks is like a 3 but he's the best. If someone likes you it should be for who you are not how you look. Don't be afraid to approach girls not all of us just judge guys on looks let them see who you really are and if they're worth it they'll have a good enough personality to recognize that it doesn't take looks to make a great person.


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