Good couple? He left her?

Him: popular friends, between jobs, wants to leave state, emotionally and mentally fucked up BY THE SAME THINGS! Wants serious relationship.
Her: not popular, trying to get degree, same age as boy, emotionally and mentally fucked up. Wants to stay in her area of state, wants a serious relationship.
They differ In intrests. He's a hunter ands woods guy she's not.
Tried to hook up two friends.. he ditched her after sex -.-
I thought they were good together. What about you? Why did he ditch?


What Guys Said 1

  • See the thing is, they are a little too different. Firstly, it wasn't going to be serious. He wanted to leave the state and she didn't, meaning they would eventually break up. She is focused on her education, wanting to become stable, while he wants to drink and party from the sounds. That brings us to the next point, if he's one who isn't, lets say, stable, of course he is gonna ditch her after sex. He wanted a one time and done, maybe he just wanted the "idea" of a relationship. Maybe he does want a serious relationship, but it was never gonna be with her.

    They differ to much, have different ideas on how life will proceed. I think what you were thinking, is opposites attract, they will cancel each others flaws out, but the truth is, the differences were too great, just the idea of education and where they want to live was a big enough sign it wasn't gonna be serious.

    He ditched because they just aren't compatible. Maybe he was just an ass and said he wanted something serious for sex. Maybe he thought about distance. Maybe it had something to do with how they planned their lives to go out, and they weren't on the same track at all. He only knows but those are my thoughts.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, they might have good personality matches from the looks of it, but they have entirely different aspects on life. They're interested in different things and don't seem like they have too much in common. Yes, having a similar personality is a good thing! But if that's really all that there is, there won't be too deep of a relationship made. Because even simple friendships form from similar shared interests, and they don't really have even that.

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