Girls, Does she like me or?

so started anew job and this woman who is also my manager has acted weirdly on off since my interview. For example randomly looking nervousif I make eye contact , or if I talk about the gym. Like me nher friends was laughingshe walked into the room stood looked at me with a smile and quickly faced away n walked to her desk. Or randomly smiling to herself when I put my jacket on to go out. Or looking when I'm not looking and looking away if I look ) only at times ) or making it clear she doesn't want to date this guy anymore. The work place is not that professional. A lot of the guys aren't like me go to the gym n she knows I'm leaving for university soon. Just confused by this random nervousness etc.


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  • She certainly likes you!! She's just really shy and a bit awkward about it. I can tell from her body language that she checks you out a lot and really likes you. I think that she might be a bit overwhelmed by you, since she finds you so attractive she might think that she can't compare at all, which causes her to be really nervous in your presence.

    • She's not nervous all the time. Just randomly like after my interview , then I when I spoke to her after first week. And she was in the meeting room I spotted her staringat me through the window , then when I was joking wth her friends she just stood there lol smiling. Then when I looked at her she just quickly faced away then quickly went to her desk and sunk her head in her laptop. i did notice her trying to sneak a glance and also when I was getting my jacket on to go out she was smiling to herself walking past. Just really confusing + she's my boss but the company isn't really that professional as its logistics so. But comparing to every other in there I'm very different t such as expensive clothes from previous jobs , work out a lot and obsessed with my hair. Not a perfect fit but Shonda job until I go uni lol

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    • Possibly :p but that's not a good enough sign unless she's not really looking to move forward just keep it a secret lol

    • Haha well, try looking for more signs and details that she gives! 👍🏼