Should I give her another chance?

So this girl flaked on our date twice with a valid reason though she says she's intrested and still wants to meet up. Should I give it another shot or just fall back and let her make the effort if she truly wants to meet? After two flakes I call it quits but this time i don't know i just don't want to come off as needy.


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  • I understand exactly how you feel! But you should keep trying in my opinion, especially when she said that she's still available. What I would do in your position is say something like, "hey I understand that you're very busy, but if you're still interested in going on a date let me know a good time that you're free! Just message me when you can, don't feel bad, and no rush!" That lets her know that you're free so you don't seem clingy, and it leaves her with scheduling the dates so that she can take the opportunity or leave it. Now you'll know if she's interested if she gets back to you or not and you won't have to schedule the date yourself :)


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