How should I handle this?

So me and this girl dated a long time ago and she broke up with me. I didn't handle it very well, but I survived. She moved on to another guy for a few months and i tried to move on as well. Everytime i found myself talking to another girl i would just miss my ex a lot. I struggled to get back into her life but this summer i mad progress. Like i could really feel that there was still a connection. I'm not the only one who thought so. A mutual friend, one of her best friends actually, apparently had a crush on me. She supposedly figured out that i was still into her best friend and decided she would help me win her back. I've been suspicious about this ever since i learned that. last night me and the mutual friend were talking and she kept telling me how i deserved better than my ex and how said my ex didn't care about me.
Anyways I've been thinking about telling my ex how i feel, i just don't know how to do it.


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  • You shouldn't return to your ex. You guys broke up for a reason. Odds are that you're not actually missing her. You miss the connection you used to have and you're scared that you're not going to have that ever again. Don't worry, it will eventually happen again.

    • No I definitely miss her and want to get back together with her. Some of the best couples i know, married couples, broke up at some point

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  • The mutual friend has a point. I think you need to accept that your ex has moved on. She broke up with you for a reason and as hard as it is, you probably aren't going to change her mind no matter what you say to her. What you are interpreting as a connection is more like her being friendly. You only see what you want sometimes.

    I don't know the facts, but from what I have read you need to accept its over and move on. The longer you delay it the more you are going to hurt.