Why would a guy start text convos and then completely stop once I respond?

He's not "bored". If he were that bored by me he'd never text at all. He does this all the time and it makes me not want to respond to any of his texts in the first place.


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  • how long does it take you to respond?

    • A few minutes. He knows I always have my phone.

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    • No. But I think I figured out that I'm just an ego-boost for him. He's keeping me on a string, so I'm cutting ties. Thanks for your answer!

    • yeah a guy that´s actually interested, would answer xD

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  • Quit enabling him to Keep it going. He will Never stop nor Learn any Lesson.
    Go ahead. Give him a Taste of his own Medicine, and See how he Likes a Sour Ball and All, with Not... Responding to any of his Texts for Awhile.
    It's a Problem Pattern that Needs to be Nipped in his own Bud.
    Good luck. xx