Why does my friend ONLY get hit on by Indian (and that type) of guys?

First of all, I'd like to state that neither myself or my friend in question has any issue with Indian guys. We have tons of Indian friends, we're not hating here. Just curious.

So myself and my best friend go out together to bars now and again and there's been a pattern developing. And because it's late and I'm super bored I figured, hey why not reach out to my internet friends and grab some opinions. Every time we go out together, while I get approached by a mixture of guy types, my friend seems to get approached about 95% by Indian guys.

Now as a background of us. My profile photo is of us. And YES it's a real picture, I'd have no reason to fake it lol. It's us from our grad 2 years back. So I'm the blonde one and she's the red head. I'm 19 and she's 20. When we go out in usually a jeans and tshirt girl while she likes to get a bit more dressed up (though nothing crazy). And though she's friends with Indian guys and likes them as people, she's made it clear that she's not really attracted to them, so it's not like she's putting out signs to them.

But it's been our running joke ever since we started going out. It's actually hilarious to watch, she attracts Indian guys like a moth to a flame. SO I decided to get some opinions on the matter. Not like it's a problem, but I'm honestly curious. Any idea why this might be? Is it a red head thing? lol


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  • She's pretty -- beautiful complexion...

    I could see Indian guys being just blown away by her! She is like a fair-skinned princess to them... not to be racist, but Asian men might think that way as well...

    Red-haired women usually attract dark haired men... Even for me, I have rarely gone after a red head, but I have darkish blond-brown hair...

    I am generalizing a bit here based on what I've heard from my friends. I have no reason to be racist or biased here... my sister is red-headed and she gets the Latins going after her...

    Honestly, I don't know what else to tell ya... usually I can talk about subjects forever... I would love to bring forth some scientific this or that, but your question is a pretty unique one!

    • Yeah it's definitely a random question. But thanks for the well thought out answer! I'm sure she'd enjoy to hear that.

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  • I'd say it's just a coincidence.


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  • its not your friend Indian guys will hit on anything and everything based on what i have seen on this site

  • Isn't that essentially racist? To judge someone, based on the color of their skin? I mean, being friends with someone is one thing, but then to just turn around and say "oh, I'm not attracted to "your kind". Isn't that racist?

    • by the way, your friend is H-O-T, hotttt


      Answer my question. Oh and can you ask her my question too, and tell me what she says. I'm trying to get as many opinions as possible.

      I'm white, and 27 years old

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    • Hey, you came here for opinions, I gave you mine

    • by the way, thanks for not even answering my question. Really appreciate it

  • It seems like you girls aren't good enough for white men.. only for Indians.

  • I think FreeLeave is correct. I'm not an Indian and I hate Indians but still I'm a South Asian (No I'm not a Pak or Bangali, I'm a Sri Lankan).

    We attract to dark haired women, it's even better if your skin tone is bit coloured (ie not pure white). Personally I like brunettes. I don't like red heads. Blondes - depends.

    • Haha it's funny how everyone has different tastes when it comes to attraction. A very interesting thing.

    • Yeah it is funny and in the same time it is interesting. Brunettes with toned skin with some curves and big boobs would be perfect :D

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