are things going well for me?

hey all, came for some help.

went out to drinks with a co-worker who just moved here. we've texted on and off emoji's, snapchat and stuff on and off but that was our first time hanging out alone together.
here's what happened:

she calls me by a stupid pet name she gave me.
we each have a glass of wine.
we talk about work, friends, family and shit.
she offered to pay, but i paid.
she seemed interested the whole time, leaning forward and backward, touching herself so i think that's good.

i just have to ask about this: when we were talking about dating life, we both mentioned we're talking/dating to other people but still playing the field.
after that i just went and asked her out the next week, this time to dinner and she said yes.
when i mentioned next week may be hard, she said let's do it the week after. so i think things went well, it was the mentioning other date's thing that has thrown me off.

how do you guys think this sounds for me?

signed: chip the chump


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  • I am not sure, but I think she probably considers you a friend.


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