Telling my boyfriend he may be homeless?

Hey guys, I've gotten my self into a bit of dilemma.
My partner lost his job a month or so ago as the company where he was a senior manager has gone bust.
Since then he has been applying for jobs daily but the recruiting process is long winded. Thankfully, he is a self employed qualified PT and has been doing this to make ends meet as a temporary solution to a crap situation.
He lost the lease on his flat as he had no employment and now is finding it hard to rent a flat as he is self employed and his wages change weekly.
He has been staying with me for over a month now. I live in a huge house share where there are no bills. The problem is this, one of the girls has reported me to the landlady (as she wants me to move out so that her man can have my room) and now I have been told that if it is found out that he is staying here i can be evicted for this... Which I completely understand. I asked her and the others if they have a problem with it as he's rarely here anyway due to unsocial hours and they have probably seen him less than a handful of times. (I have my own floor and we share a kitchen etc) there was no problem with this.
Now if I'm caught with him in the flat I may face eviction. I told the landlady he stays over at times.
I know that what I'm doing is wrong as Im aware of the lease. I really don't know what to tell him as he's extremely down about the whole thing but on the other side I have to look after myself.
Might I mention I have my own floor, the bills are all included, he showers at the gym, and im sure the landlady knows the situation and has to follow complaints.
The girl who reported me, her boyfriend lives in the same apartment block but a different flat. They have looked for a flat with two rooms in the same complex to rent and couldn't... Hence why she dogged me in so I can move out and he can move in!
Im very anxious now and need advice on what to do.


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  • He needs to grow his PT practice while he's looking for a job. You need to find a new place where he can crash until his employment stabilizes. Just stay calm and carry on. Together you'll figure it out.

    • Thanks my love.
      He is doing well with the PT but the problem is it's not a "stable" income in the UK and the work is not consistent, hence why he can't get his own place as they look at bank statements.
      I have no plans to move out as im in the middle of my masters and the stress of it ha ha

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    • It's a bloody nightmare for hom atm.
      He has two degrees in sports science and one in sales and has his masters in business, he can also speak 4 languages so he is down as he really can't get anything right now even with that.
      Im doing my masters is aesthtic medicine and will be starting my new job in botox and non surgical skin jejuvination

    • I'm sorry I can't offer any substantive suggestions. I'm in the US. The tools are different, the laws are different, hell even the language is different when you're from Texas!! LOL

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  • If you don't mind him living with you then go to the landlady and be frank about the situation. She may be able/willing to help for a certain amount of time or maybe revise your lease so that he can stay. And i doubt she can just show up and toss you out of the room even if you are in violation of the lease. There will be a process that she has to follow, first they will have to notify you of the violation and require that you comply. If you don't comply, only then can they start an eviction process which can take months to complete. Personally, i'd let my guy stay until i get a notice of non compliance and then go tell the landlady that is going on and ask if there is some way she can help. Otherwise, he needs to go find a place on his own that might involve rooming up wiht someone or renting a room at someone's house or something like that. But you need to tell him the situation.

    • Yes your right. im 100% the landlady knows she told me with a wink "so where is he living".
      Under no circumstances would i allow him to stay if bills were split if im honest, but everything is included with the rent.
      He was only here for 20 minutes today and won't be here untill about 1am while everyone else is asleep.
      The landlady has made it clear that we can unlimited "guests" only if other housemates ok it.
      Im pissed off with the girl as I know what she is trying to do. She moved over from her home country to be with her man and I helped her by making her meals, giving her supplies untill she finds her feet etc... Also she stayed with her guy untill she rented here.
      I guess I just don't like tension... Also, the girl has seen him exactly twice in over a month

    • Then really stop helping the other girl. and have your guy stay over whenever you want. Then deny deny deny that he is staying over every night and state that he only stays over a night or two a week and make the landlady come tell you not to do it anymore. Maybe by that time he'll find his feet.

    • Well we are giving it untill Christmas im sure IT wil all be sorted by then.
      Your right, im bloody pissed off with her to be honest

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  • You should probably tell him exactly what you said here and decide in a solution together

    • I agree.
      He knows the situation is not ideal but today he was looking for jobs and has interviews but the whole process will take about 7-8 weeks as its high managemet and they need to do background checks etc.
      The problem is of im caught im screwed with the landlady. It says on the letter that we can have unlimited "guests" at the discretion of other housemates. It's that girl that has really messed it up.
      She is never here (maybe once a week) and is her boyfriends place all the time as she likes to cook with him etc. so I know why she told

    • Which is what you should tell your boyfriend

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  • I think you should be honest with him. You need to find a common solution.

    • Thanks lovely.
      It's bloody draining atm for the two of us as we both don't feel comfortable with things how they are.
      Tbh, im a little bit more upset with the girl as I did ask her and tell her the situation. She stayed with her man for a while in the next flat until she sorted herself out.
      Im so worried as I don't think he has anywhere to go

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