Will a girl break up with you if you question her about choosing you last?

I've dating a girl for 9 months now. I know, I asked the girl out and put myself I this situation. But I'm still stung by the fact that I knew her from before and she chose other guys over me in the past.

Now that she is with me, she admits it was a mistake to date the other guys first, is happy, and will never leave me. But I call this bullshit! I want to ask her what did the other guys have and Why did she think they were better?

I want to ask her these questions and express my frustration so bad about being picked last but I'm afraid she will leave me. I'm not great but deserve Bette than being picked last.

And DONT give me that reason she's with you now. That is the most worthless answer ever. The answer should be, she should have been with you first, period.

  • Yes, she will break up if you question her about choosing you last
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Good, 2 answers from girls saying the girl won't break up. I'm feeling more confident about asking my girlfriend why she chose me last.


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  • If you want to stay with this girl, don't do it. As a girl who dated a guy I once friendzoned - and who received his frustrations about it - trust me on this. I didn't break up with him because of it, but it did hurt that he hadn't let it go.

    For context, I rejected him about 4 years before we started dating. And I'd expressed to him how terrible I felt about it before. But one day, out of nowhere he started ranting about it and how much he wished he put me in my place or whatever. And it HURT. Like I said, I didn't leave him (well, eventually I did, for other reasons) but I never forgot that outburst and his lack of maturity in that moment. I mean, he broke my heart before too (about 6 months before we got together) but I had no interest in rubbing it in his face how much that killed me. The way I see it, if I held a grudge against him for that, then we had no business even being in a relationship. And if I could forgive him for treating me badly 6 months ago, why wouldn't he get past the way I acted 4 years ago?

    So there you go. Forget the childish desire for vengeance. Just get past it, and be happy and thankful that you are together now. If you can't do that, then the relationship has no future.

    • I just realized she loves me and I don't love her. I don't think I will ever love her for choosing me last. In guess its time for me to go. She is wasting my time.

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    • A chance for vengeance is worth it to a guy.

    • Oh well. I'm better off now.

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  • You need to deal with your lack of confidence. This is only a problem in your mind and you know it. That is why you refuse to listen to anything other support for your opinion, which you KNOW is coming.

    The way to look at it now is this: She needed to fuck up a few times before appreciating who you are. We all screw up, we are human. Now she is on the right path.

    By confronting her out of insecurity, it is going to show you are weak. And she may leave you over that. Women do not like insecurity.

    • I just want to know the fucking truth. I don't want to be someones last resort. Sure some people make mistakes, but certain mistakes are unforgivable.

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    • I would rather be alone than unhappy. I just realized she loves me but I don't lover her. I don't love her because she chose me last. I know what I need to do now.

    • Or I can try to stay because I've had girlfriends before dating her as well. Some of the girls i dated before her were just as hot.