I like him. A LOT. he said "i had what it takes to be pretty" followed with an "but I dunno..." ? What is that supposed to mean?

I recently moved to a new high school and soon after, i saw the most gorgeous guy in school. Whenever i see him my heart starts beating so fast and god my heart just melts.. So by the second week i've developed a huge crush on him and so i told his best friend , who was my friend too. So that friend told me he would bring me up in conversation and see if he likes me.. But the guy said "she gas what it takes to be pretty and dude her eyes are GORGEOUS but i dunno man... the other one is better" ( he has a crush on a girl who goes to the same math class as him ) Anyway we only talked once before all that when he asked me if i wanted to buy a school shirt from his friend (a thing in our school) and another time after he found out i had a crush on him and started avoiding eye contact and told our mutual friend that it was too awkward to be around me.. So that was when we talked for the second time when i decided to text him and tell him our friend must have gotten it wrong when i said he was attractive and that i just meant he had a nice face and not that i liked him in a romantic way or anything (i know it was bad to lie but i had to do something to ease the humiliation i felt) . But i still like him a lot and i just dont know what to do..


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  • it means you're missing something, or at least he thinks you're missing something that, to him, is a vital piece for anything to work with you. but he might still give you a shot.

    • But is it true that if i stop showing any kind of interest and practically acting as if i dont like him at all, that would most likely make him think about me? (I've heard a few people saying that)

    • that whole... "distance makes the heart grow fonder" thing? it depends, if his feelings for you are genuine, then yeah, creating distance will cause him to think of you because he'll miss you. but if his feelings are more casual and easily replaceable, then no he'll just brush it off his shoulders and move on.

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  • I'd say get over him. I mean, even if it doesn't work out with them, do you wanna be the second choice?

    • I really dont want to be a second choice but GOD he's too good looking and i just couldnt get over it.. :'(

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    • Happy I could help ^_^

    • Well yes he kinda turned out to be a jurk, he's so full of himself.. So i figure the vest thing to do is move on and wait for someone who would think im pretty just the way i am ! Thanks guys really <3

  • He probably just thinks you don't make the most of yourself. Loads of girls "have what it takes" but don't do themselves up because they'd rather find a guy who still thinks they're hot when their hair isn't perfectly straightened or curled, or when she wakes up without makeup or just lounges round the house in a t shirt.

    • Yeah well i'm exactly that kinda girl :/

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    • @KatherineWilliams I 100% agree. And i personally wouldn't. I think like "you like me or you don't, and that's all there is to it" I will not change things for a guy and don't think anybody should.
      I'm just saying what he could have possibly meant.

    • Well if he did, he is a total jerk :P