Does this ever happen to girls as well? it seems, feels it happens to guys more than girls, in the early stages of the dating process?

What i'm referring to is, whenever a guy and a girl go on a first date together, and a second date doesn't end up happening, most of the time it's because the girl loses interest instead of the guy losing interest, most of the time it's because the girl decides to not want to take things further, not want to see the guy anymore than the other way around. Another way of putting it, if a guy and a girl starting seeing each-other, only go on one date or just a few dates together but they don't end up becoming exclusive, don't end up becoming a couple, don't end up becoming boyfriend/girlfriend, most of the time it's because the girl decides to not want to take things further, it's the girl that changes her mind more often than the other way around.

But does it ever happen to girls? have any of you girls here ever gone on a first date with a guy, or only a few dates and you were hoping this guy would end up becoming your boyfriend but then the guy lost interest, decided to not want to see you anymore? because it really seems it's that way most of the time in which the girl changes her mind, loses interest more than the other way around.

I would love it if I got some responses from girls as well
Why so few answers?


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  • I don't waste my time on a date if I know I'm going to lose interest. I "pre-screen" through texts first, if you don't get a first date, I've talked to a few "potential" partners, then I'm not going to waste either of our times on a first date.

    Every single guy I went out on a date with, I ended up in a relationship with, and that was 2 guys lol

    I don't really talk to much people with romantic interest though. So it's been like less than 5 guys that I was 'talking" to considering a date, but never made it to a first date because I just didn't think I'd be into them and didn't want to waste time.
    This number doesn't take into account the amount of guys I've asked out though because they didn't reciprocate interest.

    Also, keep in mind I'm late into dating. I had my first kiss, boyfriend, etc at age 19. Then I was in a relationship with him for almost a year. Then we broke up and I took a break from dating for like 2 years, then got into a relationship with my 2nd ex for nearly 3yrs. That's why it's so few men I've dated or talked to.


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  • If it fizzles out before they have had sex then its usually the girl who lost interest. If it fizzles out after they have started having sex then its usually the guy who lost interest.

    • do you think most people today have sex in the early stages of the dating process, before they become boyfriend/girlfriend?

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    • Yeah, I think that makes sense. The guy is the pursuer which means he is generally more sure of his interest in her than she is of her interest in him. So she is kinda the "decider" while the guy is the one with the burden of proving his worth/winning her over.

      I do theink what I said is true though. Once they start having sex, the guy is more likely to be the one to end it. However if it ends before they ever started sleeping with eachother then it was usually the girl who ended it.

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  • post is aimed at girls and yet none reply


  • ya i think it happens to guys more

  • you are probably right, but i would say thats mainly because guys are generally still expected to do the initial pursuing