I slept with him on the first date!!

Here is the short version: Girl and Guy were friends 15 years ago in college. Guy had girlfriend so girl could never say how she felt. They went separate ways after college, haven spoken in 11 yrs. Meet on Myspace 3 months ago. Decided to meet for a weekend about a month ago. Girl made the mistake of sleeping with him. We also did other things such as shopping and hiking, took a picnic etc. We are still communicating, but he hasn't asked to meet me again. He know how I feel and how I felt about him in college, because we've talked about that. He says he felt the same for me in college. So OK was I just used? I know I shouldn't have slept with him, so now how do I fix this, or can I fix it? Please give me some advice. Thanks so much!


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  • Ther's really not much you can do now since you've already slept with him, you've basically given him all power in the dating process. If he wants he can just leave and never call you as harsh as that sounds but true because he may of got what he wanted.

    If you really are still interested in him just take some initiativ yourself and set up a date this isn't the 1950's take some charge.

    Try and avoid any more sexual encounters with him if you can obviously and just try to get to know him for who he is and work things out, I'm sure you'll be able to pick up on the signs if all he is interested in is your body.

    Good Luck


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