Do you think they may be dating?

So there's this guy I like and he has a super close friend that's a girl. She has a special nickname for him which she gave him when they became friends. On Instagram, yesterday she put "I love ____ 💕" in her bio. The ___ is the nickname. They've been friends for a long time, but she never did something like this before. Do you think they are dating? Or am I analyzing this too much?

  • they're dating
  • you're reading into this too much
  • other, I'll explain in the comments
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If they are dating, its more like a long term relationship. I'm sorry, but wtf? This guy I like is only in long term relationships, I don't know why.


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  • step aside dont lower your standards...

    • It's a long distance relationship. You think they'll be together for a while?

    • hh.. m not into gossip but i think u better look away...

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