Am I even dating?

I don't know how to say this, but I met a guy who has commitment issues. He also says he fears losing me. I ended things with him in July because everytime I would get close to him he pushed me away and took me for granted. He asked for a second chance and I told him I could not go further with him until he tells me what he wants. I gave him until the end of the month for his decision. He has been ignoring my phone calls and texts in regards to where things are going with us. He says he loves me, but does not want anything serious. Its really confusing as I don't know if I am single or dating this guy when I want to move forward and have peace of mind from this confusement. I also love him, but do not want to get hurt again. So, I have pulled back.

There has been no contact with him since almost 2 weeks. I am tired of this confusement and the situation. I wish I could find someone who wants what I want.


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  • Think about this behavior of his, if he's doing all that confusing things just imagine how it would be to be in a relationship with him.

    I would step back.


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  • I support your decision in pulling back! I think it's the right thing to do. He has so right to be playing you like this. I recommend stopping reaching out to him because if he truly cares and does not want to lose you, he'll reach out to you himself. At this point if he has the audacity to ignore you after saying all of that stuff then he's not worth your energy! I know that you still love him, but it's pointless when he doesn't return any of the effort that you're putting in. It shows that he doesn't really seem to care. So I'd stop contacting him. If he doesn't contact you in at least three days, then I'd push him out entirely. You're the only one who seems stressed out about this and you don't deserve this! You shouldn't need to do this to yourself. You're a lovely and caring person, so you could someone who truly cares about you in no time :)

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