Why does he still want to keep in touch after the break up?

I was the dumped, it was the second time we broke up. Afterwords, he emailed me about once every 3 days, still invited me to hang out, etc etc. Spring break, walked in on him drunkenly having sex with another girl after a night of partying. Oh, earlier that day during a drunken episode he sent me to the ER after he tried to hurdle a mail box and it landed on my foot. The girl came over after I had fallen asleep from the pain medication. In addition, because it had been our second week broken up, I drunkenly let it slip in the ER I had slept with someone else. Anyways, he said he was sorry about it. But, he is still contacting me via email, and calling me to tell me about concerts, books, things we have in common etc.

I obviously want to move on, so when recently I didn't respond at all to an email inviting me to get drinks with him, he got a little p*ssy. When, out of politeness, I apologized and said I was swamped this week maybe sometime next week, he became a little put off again (on the phone saying, "well, whenever you can pencil me in")

What is the deal? I'm tired of this. The guy dumped me saying he needed to get his life in order and we were both exhausting each other. He is still seeing the other girl, and whenever I break up with someone, I leave them the hell alone. Usually, because once you break up you are READY to not see/talk to the person for a long time. I don't understand if this guy says he wants to be friends later, what the hell he is thinking doing this.

Besides not talking to him, which I am doing, what do his actions mean?


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  • This guy is so damn confused! what I think is tht he does still wanna see you...and other girls 2! he's mind is stuck on you so he wants 2 spend time with you 2 get over it! you need 2 confront him (nicely) saying: hey listen I'm new at the whole bein friends w/ex's thing but I do think it is ok we can hang but I have moved on so I'm not gonna be able to ve w/you 24/7! also I'm sorry I hve been so busy but thts just how my life is now! Try this out and let me know how it goes you can message me at www.MySpace.com/rockstar059