Does it mean anything if the person you previously dated looks at your ig story?

I dated someone for a few months but I recently noticed that he viewed my Instagram story when we no longer follow each other (my profile is public). it's been 6 month since no contact so does this mean anything? We didn't exactly end in the best term because he wasn't ready for a relationship. But what does it mean when someone goes out of their way to look up ur profile?


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  • I wouldn't look too far into it. Sometimes I watch stories of people I don't follow, such as ex-best friends. Maybe he's just checking up on you. Or feels guilty that you didn't end on the best of terms. Just don't think too deeply into it, especially if the feels are still there on your side, as it could only end up hurting you if he doesn't message you or something at some point. ☺️

  • maybe he's just a stalker..


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