Is it okay to cut contact with a girl and unfriend her and block her on facebook in these circumstances?

I tried to date a girl, we kind of got along pretty well. But the first time I asked her out she got freaked out that I asked her to hang out in a place she thought was dubious. I kind of got a really bad feeling about her and freaked out too since that girl might think I am some weird rapist. That is something really serious and I rescheduled on another day in a place that seemed as safe as possible for her standards and didn't make any moves on her.

On the other hand, she mentioned a "friend" on the first date with whom she was hanging out too. And after she hanged out with her friend she seemed a bit bored of me or something like that. I think she probably slept with her "friend". He also took her in his car and took her somewhere when with me she could not even hang out in a public place. This was seriously humiliating and demeaning for me. On the first date, she was the one that told me to hang out again but when I asked her she started giving me some excuses.

I had a gut feeling that she was seeing me a bit as a creep but to sleep with another guy while I didn't do anything with her. I also developed a bit of a crush on her which I didn't also like. But I didn't pressure her into anything, I think I barely sent one message in a couple of days and if she seemed responsive I would continue the discussion, otherwise I would just mind my business.

It really took a toll on my self esteem and self respect and I told her that I am cutting all contact with her and blocking her on facebook because she is bad for me or toxic for me.

Is this okay? I am around 25 years old and sometimes I get the feeling like I didn't act my age.


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  • It's not immature cutting contacting with people who have a negative effect on you. Sometimes it's a wisest decision to make.


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  • Yes.