What should I do?

My ex lover came back into my life a few months ago. The last time we talked we both said some very hurtful things that we both wouldn't come back from.

My ex comes back into my life for the 4th time and I have been feeling as if something isn't right. I try comfronting him about what I feel and all he can tell me to do is stop. For the past 2 years when he has come and gone he always ends up getting bored and finding someone else. He keeps telling me that nothing is wrong, I want to believe that, but I don't. Me and my ex got into a big fight because I just can't give up on how I feel. I feel like a place holder until something better comes along. He told me that he loves me and misses me, but if he did he wouldn't ignore me or not be honest with me.

He thinks it's hilarious that I feel this way. We got in a big fight on Sunday, and he said that I'll never change, I have changed a lot, but he hasn't at all. He also said that I'm full of sh*t too, but since he's came back I've been nothing but honest with him just like I was our entire relationship. No matter what I tell him he doesn't want to listen or believe me. Why come back if you don't want to hear me out or listen to what I have to say?

After Sunday my ex told me that he was done after I opened up to him and lashed out. We texted a little after that, but he never said to lose his number or to quit texting him. I want to message him, but when I text him first I always feel like I'm bothering him. We haven't talked since early Sunday morning. What should I do? I have things that I want to say, but I know that he'll either ignore me. Should I wait for him to text me first? How do I go about starting a conversation without letting my feelings get in the way? I feel like he's given up on me. We've only been talking for 3 months and because I let my feelings and emotions get the best of me he wants to be done. He can say that he loves and misses me, but when I say it I'm full of crap, what should I do?


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  • You've admitted you don't love him and you don't miss him. He hasn't changed. He doesn't listen to you. You don't believe him. He doesn't believe you.

    Why are you even wondering about who should text who? It sounds like nobody should text anybody. You broke up 3 times already… presumably for good reasons. I would advise trying to find happiness elsewhere, and I wish you the best in that endeavor!

    • I never admitted to not loving him nor did I admit to not missing him. I cared about this man and I loved him very deeply, I still in fact do. I don't believe him when he tells me that there's nothing wrong or that I shouldn't worry about anything. The first time we broke up was due to stuff that happened way before our relationship even started. The times after that he left me for someone else. I just wish he would get over the past and move on. Plus I'm tired of him coming in my life and leaving whenever he feels like it. I feel if I welcome him back into my life things should go my way and not his. He was wanting the another chance and he's showing that he wants things done his way. I feel like I should tell him off or to try to say my peace before parting ways once again.

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    • I told him that he was using me and he got very angry and that's why we were fighting. I'm not stupid like he thinks that I am, I know way more than he thinks and it makes me angry how he thinks that I don't know what I'm talking about when I do.

    • I hope you can put him behind you sooner rather than later and find the happiness you deserve! :-)

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  • If he isn't going to be reliable, you should just give up on him... Sorry to say this but if he keeps getting bored and leaving you, that isn't fair for you! You've given him plenty of chances and he keeps doing the same exact thing. It's a cycle that you've gotten yourself in and you don't deserve it at all! You should ignore him because you deserve better than him. I know that you love him but you truly deserve better than this! Go find someone else who truly cares about you :)