A guy who I have been talking to says he has a relationship but flirts with me? whats his deal?

He said that he has a relationship, i asked him about it and he said he has never met her before and just writes to her for the past few years. Is he delusional? how can you have a relationship with someone you havnt met in person before?

Anyway he has openly told me about it but he will flirt with me on his messages, he has called me very pretty about 3 times ad called me beautiful once and asked for a pic of me with no make up on

wtf haha? does he like me? why is he giving me compliments when he's apparently in a relationship


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  • It's called a long distance relationship.. Then again he may just be saying that to make you more interested.


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  • do you think he likes you? , i would be aware of this bc it seems like he's keeping you a secret meaning side chick , from that girl aka relationship
    just don't talk to him anymore if you do its cheating to be honest

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