Girls, If your attracted to a guy why won't you say anything?

I'm 25 years old and have never had a girlfriend, I have had many of girls on here tell me their suprised I haven't been in a relationship and why girls haven't snatched me up because of my looks and personality combined together. So ladies why the need to be shy if you feel something how come you can be open with it



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  • Because rejection is scary. Why do you think there are so many guys and girls on here asking "does he/she like me". People want to be pretty sure they aren't going to get rejected before admitting something like that so they wait and look for signs. Sure there are some confident girls out there they might do that but they are a rare breed and generally looking for attention more than anything substantial.

    • Well I wouldn't reject her

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    • @AIAthefirst oh the internet. Its words on a screen, pretty sure you can't infer my tone from that alone. Haha I wasn't being salty at all. Some of my friends are like this and fully admit it. I love them, I don't judge them for it and not all girls fit in this category. But I'm also not going to start some internet hatefest over this. Peace and kindness.

    • @shygal11489 yeah, sure.. pick your words wisely "My friends are... " is never a good cover or reason for a negative generalization, do be more careful in future, bye

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  • for fear of being rejected

    • Ok but what if your not

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