Girl asked me to come to group event?

So this girl in my class that I like asked me if I was going to this group event at our school, She told me she has to go even though she didn't want to. I've known her for a couple months now but been a wussy in asking her out. I got her number and practically did nothing with it. Should I go and see if i could flirt better in a more lax social setting or am I just throwing myself harder in the friendzone.


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  • Yeah! I like your plan! You'll feel more confident and less nervous flirting with her in a more social setting. It could also be really fun for you guys if you hung out and joked around. You have to make a point to flirt though, because if you don't you could be friend zoned just like that. I don't think you'll let that happen though, you seem pretty confident and keen on winning her heart! So I say go for it :)

    • well i went tonight, she came up all happy and excited and gave me a hug, small talked and then went behind a counter with another guy who's part of the school government organization and they were together all night :/

    • Oh dang.. It looks like you might have started to be friend zoned! It's great that she hugged you and was happy to see you though! But you need to try to win her interested back towards you! I think you can do it! Don't give up hope just yet :)

  • go and see


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