Have I passed the point of no return?


Sob story incoming...

I'm 23 and I've only ever had 1 girlfriend (at 21, lasted for 5 months) and now I've noticed that I seem more desperate in trying to get a girlfriend, I'll deliberately talk to women, just to try and force a connection and while I know I'm doing it, I can't seem to stop myself. I've tasted how sweet and comfortable being in a relationship can be, hell even just snuggling with someone is all that I need, but I find the harder I look; the further it seems that I'll stop being single.

Plus I'm starting to resent my friends who are in relationships and who are truly happy, it's turning me bitter. Now of course I'm not the only to of ever felt like this, so my question is; How do I just let it go? I've always been a believer that if it happens, it'll happen and I just can't bring myself to use a dating site/tinder because that would also mean defeat.
Have I passed the point of no return?
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