Have I passed the point of no return?


Sob story incoming...

I'm 23 and I've only ever had 1 girlfriend (at 21, lasted for 5 months) and now I've noticed that I seem more desperate in trying to get a girlfriend, I'll deliberately talk to women, just to try and force a connection and while I know I'm doing it, I can't seem to stop myself. I've tasted how sweet and comfortable being in a relationship can be, hell even just snuggling with someone is all that I need, but I find the harder I look; the further it seems that I'll stop being single.

Plus I'm starting to resent my friends who are in relationships and who are truly happy, it's turning me bitter. Now of course I'm not the only to of ever felt like this, so my question is; How do I just let it go? I've always been a believer that if it happens, it'll happen and I just can't bring myself to use a dating site/tinder because that would also mean defeat.


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  • Instead of resenting your friends for being in relationships, ask them for tips or even better ask them to introduce you to girls who are looking for a relationship.

    • Oh I've tried that and the default answer they always say their friends are "All taken". I suppose it's because if things went down they wouldn't have to pick a side, which I prefer too.

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  • Good. So you have some self-respect ("... dating site/tinder because...")
    Have you asked your friends to set you up?

    • No go on that, I'd rather not put them in a position of choosing if things went bad.

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    • Even if we did, it can still be uncomfortable.

    • Oh no! An uncomfortable situation! Quit being such a millennial, to make advances and achieve what you want you are going to have to take risks and deal with uncomfortable situations.

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  • It's hard to let it go. Well, first of all, try not to force anything. Sometimes connection happens when we least expect, forcing can make things weird and decrease your chances of success.
    It's not your friends' fault that they're in a relationship and you're not, and I'm sure you know it. So, I don't see many options that swalling this thing you feel.

    You'll just let it go with a change of mind. Controlling the dispair is the first thing, then the rest will follow.

  • Dating sites and tinder don't mean defeat... From my experience, almost everyone I know post-college who was single have used them. They are legitimate ways to meet and date people. If you really want to be with someone, why eliminate possible ways of doing so?

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