Help me please I have issues?

ok so I have a boyfriend ok? I also have a crush. my friends don't know I have a crush but they don't like him. but he's nice once you get to know him. i like both and I don't know what to do. we have a dance at the end of the year and help me please?

I like both a lot and I just don't know who's better anymore


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  • What you have to do is:

    1. Do NOT cheat on your boyfriend
    2. If you no longer like him, leave him. Simple as that.
    3. If you want the guy, get the guy.
    4. If your friends stop being friends with you because of it well then they were shitty friends anyways


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  • "If you can't decide between me and someone else, don't choose me."
    If you're not really interested in your boyfriend, don't stay with him. I don't think he would want to be with someone who doesn't have feelings for him. It would hurt him more if he found out by someone else.


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  • Pick one of them.

    • Update:
      Pick the one you think you will be happy with. If you are going to go with the other guy, then break up with your boyfriend.

  • Dump the boyfriend. If you really liked him you wouldn't of developed a crush for another.

    • but I do really like him. I've known my boyfriend since kindergartden and since then we were best friends and crushes. I just met the other guy this year but I still like him a lot too...

    • Then be single so you can sort it out. If you keep this going it will result in cheating one way or another.

  • Pick the second one because if you really liked him you would never have your eyes on anyone else

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