If you have an average face and a nice body, are you average or above average looking person?

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  • It's based on the rating scale, you have to be scientific about this shit. If your body is a 7 and your face is a 5, add those two together and then divide by 2, which would be 6, which is slightly above average (5 is average). The better your body the more above average you are, the worse your face is the less above average you are. It's a solid formula.

    • I didn't know this. So if you have a 10 pt face and a 2 pt body (very fat lets say), you will still be above average?

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    • It does, but then if it did affect it it wouldn't be a 10 point face would it?

    • Yes, it makes sense. In that case fatness would lower face pts. Now that i think of it, I've known some girls who were a bit on the fat side but had pretty faces, I would always think if they were thinner they would be 10's.

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  • Above average


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