Guys, how would you feel if a girl asked you out in tinder?

I've been on tinder dates in multiple occasions but only just realized he's always asked me out. I'm enjoying a conversation I'm having and would like to meet this guy but I don't know how guys feel about girls taking the initiative? I already messaged him first (almost always do) and have initiated second, third, etc. dates in the past, but never the first.


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  • I don't think any guy would mind thats actually kind of cool flipping the script like that it makes it a lot easier to see where you stand especially if it's a shy guy


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  • Very very few guys would be bothered by it, most of them would be totally cool with it. If they didn't like it then they probably were never considering going out with her from the start.


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  • They would most probably feel flattered by something like that.

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