Is he trying to kiss me or break up with me?

So I got back with my ex a few days a go I think it's been like 2 weeks and he's popular but not that popular every girl knows him and hangs out with him and he's always with this crowd of girls in his class their always laughing and if he's not with them for a sec they just start looking for him and yelling his name and his ex keeps flirting with him in gym he talks to her but I don't know what they say and the other day I went to the bathroom and when I came back he was going somewhere so then he came closer and put his arms around me tight and at lunch the same thing happened except there is this room in school we go there to talk sometimes so when I walked out of the br he was like go there so I was going but there was a teacher so I had to go back to the cafe he was walking behind me and then he was like "dame I can see that ass from a mile away" we were all good and stuff but then he asked my friend he was like "do u like her" and my friend kept saying no because he doesn't like me that way but my boyfriend kept asking and my friend kept saying no but then my friend asked him if he likes me and he said no twice and then he was like "obviously what do u expect she's my girlfriend" my friend told me that and he was "don't worry ik for sure he likes u" so I gave my boyfriend a note cause we don't see each other that much and I asked him I was mad so I said "y u dating me if u don't like me? tf" and then he came at lunch and he said he needed to talk to me about that so I was like take a seat and he said no its private and we haven't talked yet cause the bell rang it's been 3 days since that it's either he wants me to go to that room cause he wants to kiss me or break up w me even my friend who hates him so much said he likes me but I don't know with all them girls around him and him not even paying me attention that much no more i feel like he's going to break up w me what should I do?


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  • You shouldn't have gotten back with him to begin with. Major fuck up and now you're learning why


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  • Why did you get back together with him? Anyway, I think both of you should have a conversation about what you expect from each other. We cannot be able to tell you if he will break up with you or not. Only he can tell you that.