Football as a date idea?

I've been to two dates with a girl and it went well.
In one of them she told me that had no idea of football but would try and learn about it one day.
My local football team has a game next Tuesday, and there's always a great atmosphere... I was wondering if it would be a good date idea.
What do you think? Thanks for your opinion!


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  • If it's not too loud and you can still have a chat go for it. I would personally love this as a third date. But make sure she didn't just say this to impress you :P


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  • Yeah! Go for it! Haha it's pretty funny that you say that, because girls say that stuff just so that you'll explain it to them and spend time with them! I said that just last week to one of my crushes who plays hockey I was like "so could you teach me about hockey? I don't know anything about it." And I really don't know anything about hockey haha! But yeah! That would be a fun date I think! The atmosphere should be light and fun! I think that it's an excellent idea also because it shows that you cared and remembered about how she told you that she doesn't know anything about football! Go for it! It should be fun and a great time :)

  • I think it would be a great place to take her on a date. She's telling you she wants to learn she's giving your a hint to ask her out and a place to take her. Ask her and go have fun.