My friend hasn't dated in 6 years. Don't you think my friend should start dating again?

I mean she is 28 years old and she hasn't dated for six years. I tried to introduce her to guys but she keeps saying she isn't ready for dating again. I mean come on. She's only had one boyfriend and just because one little thing happened between them doesn't mean its the end of the world. I mean six years is quite enough and she should really go out on dates with guys and she needa to decide what she wants to do because having children after 35 isn't good. I mean six years! She keeps telling me she'll date again when she's ready. I was so disappointed because there is this really awesome man that is interested in her and he would give her dad's blessings and he doesn't play with a womans mind and will treat a woman like she should be treated. He's a doctor and he wants to start a family one day. I told her to let me know when she is ready. Next time I'm not taking no for an answer. She only had one boyfriend in her life and so many guys would wanna go out with her. She is an attractive and beautiful woman. She has a disability (Aspergers Syndrome) but so what? She's smart, educated and she is finishing school in May 2017. It's highly time that she has a mate. How can I convince her to date again? I'm NOT taking no for an answer this time.

  • Let her date when SHE is ready. Leave her alone!
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  • Six years is WAY too long. Yea she really needs to start dating again.
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  • time is running out and she is almost 30. She should be thinking about marriage and having children.
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  • I don't know
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She's getting her Bachelors Degree in Special Education in May 2017 and she'll be done with school. She's currently a teachers assistant in a special needs classroom in an elementary school. She still lives with her parents which is pathetic. She needs to get her own place, start dating and think about a commitment. I'm going to bug her until she agrees to date again. Six years is too long. Nobody should be lonely and she'll regret it.


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  • Mind your own business. She doesn't need to live up to your expectations. Stop assuming that everyone else has the same goals and desires in life that you do. You act like it's some kind of given that a person should live a certain way. You live your life the way you want and she can live hers the way she wants. Stop acting like a mother hen. If you keep it up you aren't going to be her friend any more. I'm surprised she hasn't dumped you as a "friend" already.


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  • God she needs to drop you like an old handbag. You're not a friend, you're a busybody who pokes her nose in where isn't wanted. Her life is none of your business, I could understand where your coming from if you were worried about your friend and want her to be happy but you're only behaving this way because she's annoying you.
    Leave her alone


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  • Stop calling it a "date." Ask her if she would meet you and your friend for lunch sometime, as you just want her to meet him.

  • Maybe you should mind your business.

    Maybe she's not lonely. Maybe she's found things she enjoys and she fills her time with those.

    So she still lives with her parents... so what? Obviously she doesn't have a problem with that, and obviously they don't either. If she wants to go to college, smoke weed, and fuck off all day, for the rest of her life, it's HER business.

    Just let it be.

    I'm glad none of my friends try 'helping' me like this.

    • She doesn't smoke or do drugs but six years is way too long. I can't stay single thay long. My friends and I tried so hard to find a man for her but she keeps rejecting them. She said "I'm not ready" keeps making excuses. I'm tired of it. She's pushing 30 and she didn't find no man yet. What a waste.

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    • We're not trying to stress her out. We just want her to be happy

    • I understand that. But have you ever considered that maybe she already IS happy?

      Has she indicated that she's NOT happy, let me put it that way.

  • No, it's her decision. Let it be, damn it.

  • get out of her life
    trust me

  • If my friend acted the way you're acting I would punch him in the face.


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