He said I was scaring him a bit?

What does that mean?

I was ranting at him and going really hot and cold. Calling him out on shit.

I just wrote back "that makes sense"


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  • He thinks you are too attached to him...

    • im not though. i just had problems with him trying to emotionally manipulate me. that's why i called him out. all i said was stop playing game yo

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    • you're so wise. i think im done with this guy. he's keeps on trying to play all these mind games and i just win.

    • Yeah find someone who is consistent and who isn't playing or immature. There are lots of great guys out there, don't waste time on the lame ones.

  • He should know now not to mess with you

    • he doesn't. i think he's used to stupid and weak girls, or really young ones who haven't learned yet.

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    • ha, i can't imagine how bad its going to get if he's disrespecting me NOW. it sets a precedent