Ok, what do you people think I should do , I suspect this young woman im seeing is a mother of 2 and has a relationship?

I've been dating her now for 2 weeks, first time we met, we had sex, in a hotelroom. i know that sounds super dumb. No i didn't pay her. 100 % sure she isn't into that kind of stuff. So i told her that same evening that i think she was a really cool person, yes sounds shallow concidering we had sex first time we met but we also had a good conversation afterwards and laughed a lot. So i told her, that i wanted to see her next day. She said sure fine, i could come to her place. She gave me her adress and it seemed all fine. However next day she cancels at the last moment, or actually delays our date till a later time that day, only to cancel it again.
next day she said she became ill , seemingly out of nowhere and had to go to the hospital. i was worried a bit and i drove by to see her at her place but it became clear to me that she had lied to me about her adress. i wasn't very amused by this and we phoned next day, she was almost crying on the phone. So we met up last Monday. we sat in her car and talked about her lying to me and talked things through. After that she gave me a bj. So last time I've seen her was after work, last Wednesday. We already made plans for this weekend but i just wanted to see her. yesterday she canceled our plans again, saying she had a problem and not to drop by her house, she gave me her real adress this time. I've been checking her fb account, she didn't have one she told me and im assuming she has 2 children. pictures, timeline messages etc. Another lie that she told me, she told me she had no children and told me she had a stillbirth at 26 weeks, that her boyfriend left her and what not. I find this very disturbing concidering the fact i went through a real misscarriage with an ex girlfriend which left me in a depression. she knew about this and its like she used it to make me feel sorry for her, only to cover up that she is lying to me all the time. whats up with her and should i even continue this? i like her a lot but nothing seems to be true!


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  • well if you love her just face her and tell her the truth and marry her you must to face her I think because who love someone love his bedside as the good side

    • but lying in a relationship is always bad ! i gave her a second chance and a chance to be honest with me and she didn't use that chance

    • because she feels shameful you must to tell her that you know it

  • Leave her. It's pretty obvious she's not a stable person.

    • it doesn't take away the fact that i want to know why she was lying to me and if anything she ever told me was true.

    • That's true but no one here can tell you why she lied or how much truth she did tell you. You'd have to speak to her.

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  • No, this girl is 100% crazy. Although if the sex is good, you could keep nailing here but you absolutely do not want a real relationship with this woman.

    • I think she is already in one, I've checked her house on google earth/ street view and she told me she lives there alone but its a big house , there are 3 cars on the drive way (incl. her car as well ) and someone checked her place for me yesterday. I don't know anything about her actually. I dont know if i can, i like her a lot and i love making sex to her but this is one BIG MESS ! its not my responsbility that she isn't happy or satisfied in her life and i dont mind having sex with her outside her family life, thats her problem but i dont like being lied to by someone, especially when i like them. She can come clear with all this and talk things through with me but if she isn't going to give me the full truth im wasting my time. I've been so stupid, it explains why she always cancels our dates at her place or during the weekends, or why she never answers the phone when i call but always calls me back. or why she lied to me about her adress. if she wants to cheat fine but i want safe sex

    • Right, but I don't know why you keep clinging to her even though it's pretty obvious that she's crazy. I mean, unless you're into crazy... Does it matter why she's lying? Judging from your replies, I'm starting to wonder if you're as crazy as she is.