Is being involved with my driving school instructor a bad idea?

Im 18 and my driving school instructor and I been talkin for about 2 months. I dont wanna say dating because he's definitely not my boyfried, but (as far as i know) we're both stopped talkin to other people. Plus there's a 10 year age gap. Im not a student anymore cause the class only lasts 2 weeks, but i do work for him now at the school. When it first started it was a little weird but now i really dont think anything is wrong. But i guess i wouldn't be posting this question if i was 100% about it. I worry this isn't goin anywhere cause of the our situation (not that im in a rush for anything serious) but it the idea that his friends dont take me seriously does bother me more. When i think about that it does make me question this, and makes me hold back with him and not take it seriously myself. Should i just leave him alone or let the universe take its course and not care what people think.


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  • I mean if you like him why not try it and see where it goes? I'm a big advocate of letting things run it's course and living in non-resistance. That being said; 10 years is indeed a big age gap. You'll probably learn a lot from a relationship like this though. Will you two get married in the end and live happily ever after? No, you will not. But why resist your attraction for him because you're worried about what others will think? Maybe talk to him about it and see how he sees the situation.

    Honestly it comes down to this: Do what feels right to you. If you want to be with him, go be with him and see where that takes you. If it feels like you're wasting your time with this guy then don't be with him.


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  • I think you have to take a step back and really think healvily about how you're feeling. Like you said, you wouldn't be posting if it wasn't something that you are 100% about.
    Honestly, a 10 year age gap is a big difference, both in age and in maturity too. What does he bring you that you're attracted to him in the ways you are? Is it something emotional, or a physical attraction? Is it the attention, or the way he pays attention to you? I think you have a crush, and you are enjoying the time spent with him, but I wouldn't call it a serious relationship or even dating, if you don't see him as your boyfriend.
    Do be careful though, as you don't want to rush into anything, or let him take advantage of the relationship at any time. I would highly recommend taking time to break away and be alone for a bit. Think about what you want and where this is going.
    He might be hoping for a young bride, or like dating younger girls. You never know for sure. Especially that his friends don't take it seriously, that would be a hint to me that i'd start questioning the relationship, or where I stand with this guy.

    Whatever you decide, keep in mind your own happiness and what you want for you, your comfort and listen to your thoughts and your heart. They will usually guide you in the right direction, even when things aren't always easy to see right away.
    Best of luck!