What is up with him?

So tonight after my boyfriend finished work he called me and the conversation was going nice until he just started acting like a real d**k he was saying some mean stuff then telling me he was joking and I take everything to heart and that he loves winding me up but when I done the same to him "joking" as he called it he put the phone down on me 3 times and he was just being so off with me swearing a lot he's never been like this we me and it actually made me feel like crying because he's words was getting to me ( he don't know that ) then he kept saying stuff like we aren't going to work or this is over and then when we finally hung up he said love you and I only replied yeah you too instead of saying it back because I was upset and he hung up again then I text him asking was he talking to me he said yes then again he said I took things to heart so I replied that he wasn't saying it in a jokey way he sounded serious then he text back saying he was good at acting and I said unless you sounded serious because what you was saying what true and now he isn't replying to me. What's up with him and what should I do? because I feel like s**t now

Also forgot to mention somehow we got onto the topic of cheating and he was saying I would be the one to cheat if any of use did and I said to him no it would more likely be you and he replied well yeah I have with every relationship except ours and I replied well I kinda find that hard to believe now and he said it's because we haven't been dating that long so I asked him if we are long term would he cheat and he said yeah probably so I didn't say anything else and then he said I'm only joking


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  • Is he bipolar? maybe he just like messing you cuz you make it easy. Put your foot down, he says he does that crap because he "is good at acting"... next time he does that (you don't even have to wait till next time too) tell him to take his acting Elsewhere because you aren't a fan of it. Saying "joking" at the end of a hurtful statement doesn't erase the damage done.

    • I don't think he's bipolar I've know him for years he's never acted like this so he wouldn't no how I would react, when I told him to get out of he's mood he said he wasn't in a mood then he said I made him moody but he kept telling me I was moody but I wouldn't play into he's games so I kept saying I wasn't and it just made things worse

    • Again, a warning. Next, kick your human headache to the curb. Because after that, it just means communication failure and communication is vital in a relationship.

    • Think I will if he dose it again thank you 👍🏻

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  • He sounds emotionally abusive. I would break up. He's behaving like a child.

    • He's never done anything like this before he's usually really nice and funny

    • Sorry but your relationship is new. Seems like he's showing his true colors. And since he has cheated in every other relationship and "jokingly" said he'd to it in this one too, I'd advise you to get out before it gets too serious. You just don't say that kind of stuff, even "jokingly".