Girls, if you don't want to hangout with a guy, what would you have him do?

You guys see each other everyday. He likes your company but you feel kinda bored but you don't want to tell him that and be rude. So what would you rather have him do?

Next time he sees you...

  • Just walk away like he didn't notice me
    22% (2)
  • Say hi, ask how I'm doing and then go away
    44% (4)
  • Other (comment)
    34% (3)
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Note: what would you rather have HIM do?


What Girls Said 1

  • i would still be polite because that's the decent thing to do. I would say hello, maybe have a bit of small talk, and then go do whatever I was trying to do when I ran into him.

    I would only start to avoid him / ignore him if he kept pestering me. If I'm on my way to work and he stops me and keeps talking and talking and won't let me leave, then yeah the next time I see him I just would not start a conversation since clearly he doesn't know how to end a conversation. But if he's been perfectly friendly with the small talk and picks up on social cues, then I would still say Hi when I see him.