Does he think she's pretty or something?

My crush was talking to his friends at lunch and I was sitting kinda close to them. one of his friends started talking about this girl at my school who was new at the beginning of the year and how quiet she is and if they knew her and my crush said "oh ya I wanna be inside her".
I did see him looking at her a few times cause I look at him a lot and I sometimes I feel like he looks at her more than he looks at me.
If this means what I think it means does he think she's really pretty or does he like her?

  • He thinks she's beautiful
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  • He likes her
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  • He is making fun of her
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  • He thinks she's a slut
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  • He thinks she's weird
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  • He wants to have babies with her
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  • He wants to have sex with her

    • So he likes her?

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    • A guy can want to have sex with a girl even if he doesn't know her. You are WAY overthinking this

    • You said he likes her

  • He said that to you?

    • No he was talking to his friends but I heard it

    • He said that?

    • Yes I said that

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