What was your first boyfriend/girlfriend like?

What were they like? Did you guys have sex? Did you guys breakup? Was he/she a jerk?

I want to know because I have never had a girlfriend, I feel really insecure when a girl has had a boyfriend.

I don't know how to be in a relationship, have sex, be intimate I know nothing :(

Also I have this thought in my mind, if a girl had a boyfriend I just picture her having tons of sex with him, and him being a jerk to her.

I feel like she is only picking me because I am not a jerk, but she still loves the other guy.


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  • I had my first boyfriend when I was 18. He was amazing! I wasn't attracted to him at first but he was so into, he didn't want to give up. Then all my friends started pushing me towards him, telling me how he is amazing, how I should give him a chance, and stuff like that. In the end I gave up and accepted a date. It was a very nice date and we kissed. He wasn't my first kiss, but damn he was a good kisser! Even now after I had so many boyfriends, I can say that he was the best kisser. Perfect lips! Anyways, I was virgin and he wasn't. I was very weird at that age, I thought for so long that I'm asexual because I never had a desire to have sex, with anyone. We dated for about 3 months and I still didn't want to have sex with him. He didn't push me but I noticed that he's getting tense and impatient. The only logical explanation why I didn't want to have sex with him even though I like him is because I'm not in love with him or attracted to him, I though. So I broke up with him. And I was relieved. I really broke his heart. After that I decided to stay single forever and be asexual. Well, I met another guy eventually and on my surprise I DID want to have sex with him. And I so did do it haha! So I guess I was right about my feelings about the first guy. :)

    • The other guy (the one I lost virginity with) was also a great guy by the way. We dated for about 6 months, but he was kinda troublesome. He was smoking too much weed and getting drunk often, he was living la vida loca. But he did loved me, I loved him. But we realized that we're not a good match because I was a nerdy geek and my parents opposed to our relationship too much. So we mutually broke up and stayed friends. Ever since then and up until now we've been best friends. :)

    • It's cool to hear stories like this :)

      It's breaking that idea in my head thanks!

      I always imagine the guy being a jerk and lot's of sex. Girls have boyfriends, sometimes even lots without any sex... Is that true then?

    • Yeah that's true. :)

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  • Hey let the things flow, there inst any manual that says, first you this, second you do that, no. Dont think, act normal, do and invite her to do fun things, sex will come later on the right moment.

    For me , i was 23 when i have my first real girlfriend, i never had sex then, so one night at my car, she started to explore and she asked if i had already have sex before, i said no, and than she said, no problem just relax and she grab my hand and put in places ever touched.
    So the point, let the things flow naturally , nature have is ways :)

    You dont need to picture nothing, everyone had his relationships, had tons of sex, you need to know her better.

    • Hope I meet a girl like that,

      I am 23 myself, I am really scared, insecure and have a warped view on things.

    • I was in the same state, but dont force it, there is no rush, enjoy your life without those concerns, it will appear someone that will guide you, and if it will be as same as you, both will adventure together.

      Relax ;)

    • I hope so :)

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  • My first boyfriend was more of a summer fling. We met at a festival and we got really close really fast. We slept together and started dating shortly after. We did live really far away from each other, the onl reason we got together is because we were both spending our summer in the same city. We broke up shortly after the summer holiday was over, but it was definitely not a bad breakup. I sometimes regret not trying long distance. He was a really sweet guy and he genuinely cared for me, he was definitely not a jerk :)

    • Wow! :)

      Thanks for sharing!

  • My ex was an insecure narcissict who is possibily bisexual

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  • We didn't last long enough for me to consider that person my first girlfriend.

    • Did you have sex? What happened?

    • We didn't. And dunno, she just gradually lost interest. I asked her why, she said she couldn't say. So I said we're over. She said that we could remain friends. And I just said nope to that.

    • Weird