Do yoi take rejection personal?

do you take rejection personal?

Do you assume its because its something wrong with you, the other person or that you just werent a match?


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  • very personal, yes, rejection hurts, especially being ignored, which is obvious rejection.

  • Of course. It's because when I ask somebody out I feel as if I have built enough chemistry to do so and expect a yes. Especially when you (not you asker) I mean females in general doesn't understand how hard it is for some of us men (me) to have the courage to ask somebody out.

    That causes a lot of pain. In fact this just happened to me. And I try to be mature about it and move on as friends then get ignored.

    Now you see why we take it personal?

  • I only take rejection personally if the person isn't upfront about not being interest or act passive aggressive.

    For example

    1. Lying that you have a BF/GAY to reject someone is not cool.

    2. Lying and coming up with excuses on why you can't go out and date them is not cool and i'll take that personally.

    3. Feeling the need to alter your relationship with them by cutting all communication or limit it just because someone decided to take an interest in you is offensive.

    • 4. If she is rude in her rejection or use terms such as weird or creepy after you decided to show interest in her sexually.

      For your follow up question: As a guy if you get rejected a lot you often assume something is wrong with you and your confidence drops. If you get called creep or weird you often begin questioning what's wrong with you as a person and end developing body dysmorphia problem.

      You know how girls always bitch about how media pressures them and a lot of them are insecure about their body. Well men get that too when women call them creep or they get rejected a lot.

      In addition, if women do show interest in men later date depending on how often a man has been rejected he will have a strong distrust in the woman wanting to be with him for him and not for some ulterior motive.

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