Anyone know a good way to tell the guy I'm dating how I feel?

So I've been dating this guy for 3 weeks, talking for 4 as of today :). so when we are with each other we are so lovey dovey with each other! so I'm gonna tell him how I feel. It's nerve racking bc I've never told someone to their face how I ever felt, but he is worth it so i'm making an exception. he makes it so easy for me to miss him. he's always on my mind. he is the only guy who makes me feel safe. I've never been so happy before. i'm falling for the guy. of course I don't wanna tell him that I'm falling in love with him just quite yet. but I reallllly like him! he's honestly the first guy I really felt like I can be me around him and be comfortable with that. we want the same goals in life we like and dislike the same things that are huge like where we wanna live and all that. I feel like I gotta let him know. I want him to be my boyfriend. How do I tell him?
I wanna start off something like this?
"so I've never done this before but you're worth it and quite honestly I'm nervous what you will say, but it's all about risks right? (then how I feel but I don't know what to say yet)." so with what I have so far it's telling him that he's special, that i'm nervous but he's worth the risk.
what do I say that would be like heart melting for a guy? thanks in advance


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  • Tell him what you wrote here. How amazing he makes you feel and how you'd love to be with him etc. in my opinion what you wanted to start with didn't sound cliche - more like making him understand that it's important for you.

  • Don't say "I've never done this before" It sounds clich├ęd. Just be honest and from your heart, don't try and rehearse it, you could tell if you had or not. Just look into his eyes and tell him how he makes you feel, nervous and excited at the same time.


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