He says he wants to be with me but wants to live apart and date me?

me and my boyfriend just recently got back together after taking a break for a week...he called me and said he wanted to work it out and asked my to come home...then after we had make-up sex he felt like he jumped back into it to soon..he wanted to be with me and had eyes for no other girls but feels we should live apart and date to get back in love like we use to be...he said he didn't want to just start living together and make things worse and be unhappy the way we were before...he said come home because he was so happy to be together and see me he didn't really think everything through...but he's not really acting like he wants to be with me...he doesn't say he loves me kiss me or want to spend time with me now and doesn't want to talk all the time...what does he mean/want? does he really want to be together or wanting to date other girls and keep me on the side till he's done so he has someone to come back to I don't know what to think? please help its hurts real bad...


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  • Sounds like he doesn't know what he wants, maybe he got horny and was thinking with his d*** instead of his brain. The real question here should be "What do you want?". Sound like you both need a break to think and figure out what needs to be fixed in the relationship if you are going to be together.

    • We talked about what was wrong in our relationship...and he said he really wanted to work it out and be together but not live together for 2 weeks to a mnth...but now he acts like I'm bothering him and he doesn't want me around does he just want me around for sex but still go out and do what he wants w/o me being at our home waiting or feeling like he has to be home at a certain time...idk...

    • It's hard to tell, but what I would suggest for now is to abstain from sex until you fix whatever problems you have to fix in you are relationship, that way you know that you are not being used.

  • actions speak louder than words...also it takes a lot of balls to tell someone that you wanna see other people...plus he's a guy he doesn't wanna let go of the physical part of the relationship...he's telling you one thing and doing the complete opposite...if he wanted to be with only you, you would notice in the way he treats you...leave him and cut him off completely (even though it's so tough you will need to have a really strong bond with friends and family during this time)...you'll see how fast his actions will change...

    • Thanks for your advice yea I cut it off it wasn't worth getting hurt all over again and being used while I was the one giving it 100% to make it work and I only the the lust part of him not the love..

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