My boyfriend was just joking around with me and talking about sex I didn't realize at first he was joking. So I told his cousin because I could trust him. And I was really freaking out. I thought he was pressuring me to have sex with him. Anyways... His cousin told my boyfriend and he got really mad at me and told me he was joking. My boyfriends' mother got really mad at me and told my boyfriend to break up with me. What I didn't know that my boyfriend got so angry he started called me a whore, slut, whore, and bitch. But after I told him what I really went through my mind he decided to take me back. The only problems are HOW THE HELL DO I APOLOGIZE TO HIS MOTHER WITHOUT INVOLVING OTHER PEOPLE INTO THE CONFLICT. And how should I forgive my boyfriend for calling me all those names.


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  • He probably thought you were trying to make him sound bad or embarrass him. Calling you names is unnecessary though. He should apologize and you should probably be weary of future actions like that. Also, you should have asked him first before confiding in someone else; he is your boyfriend after all. If you can't say what you need to say, then how is that an intimate relationship? I'd start by saying sorry, say I was upset he called me names, and ask for an apology. Considering he wants to be with you then he should probably help you make it up to his mom. She needs to know you misunderstood, and were worried he wanted to do something like that because you're not that kind of girl. She needs to know you like him and you didn't mean to insult her. (She may be insulted you'd think she'd raise her son like that, but I wouldn't say that cuz if that's not the reason she might get offended and think you're questioning her parenting methods).

  • Df? He just shouldn't be your boyfriend period if he can disrespect you like that. Who even gets mad at something like this? Stupid.