Can you help me work out what's going on?

My friend set a friend of her husband up with my online dating profile and we started talking. He ended a 7 year relationship in June. We'd chat most days and the only reason we didn't meet up was due to me having a bereavement - but he remained there throughout and was just amazing at taking my mind off things.

somewhere into the second month I found that I was looking forward to his messages more and more. There was a huge sexual tension and we discussed when we met being casual and seeing where things went.

two weeks ago we met up and it was really laid back and exactly what I wanted. We sat and talked on the sofa, he started to hold my hand, we got closer and kissed. He led me to the bedroom and we did not have sex but definitely had good fun together.

afterwards I was laying on his chest for cuddles. He then spooned me all night. I left early in the morning as he had to go get his little boy.

within an hour I had a message saying he'd had a great time. A few hours later he messaged again to say would I be up for meeting again. I liked him more than I had expected to I said I was up for it if he was.

we then discussed in the evening via text what we had liked, wanted to try etc. As I was going to bed he texted to say that he could smell me on his bed. I apologised and he said it wasn't a bad thing. We met up again two days later and again did not have sex.

we now haven't met up for almost two weeks. We have been messaging but I almost feel it has died off a little since we met up. I'm not sure if that's normal.

he knows it's been my time of the month this week and it's also been school holidays.

Am am I insane in thinking there is something here?
why have his messages died off?
[though he does reply instantly when I text]
how much longer do I give it to arrange a meet up? [We need to work around whe. He has his kid and he doesn't drive so I have to wait to be invited over


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  • I guess he is being cautious before getting really intimate first since he was in a very long relationship, not sure why doesn't text as frequently but maybe thinks it's not necessary

    • That's what I wondered about the texting. It just makes me worry I've done something wrong. I'm being very cautious as well which doesn't help haha

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    • Most guys like you to be direct since we don't like games either and can't read your mind 😊

    • Haha that's good to know.

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  • Sometimes there's no actual explanation. At least one that provides any fulfillment or closure. Sometimes a guy, or girl just loses interest.. You can ask them, but probably the answer they give may not be the truthful one.

    • Thank you. I just worry about what I did to make him lose interest as I thought I blew his socks off.

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