I know im the backup guy, but I still like her, do I have a chance?

I like a girl , she likes some other guy , and that other guy totally ignores her,
But she keeps chasing him like a woman who has no self respect,
but she flirts with me too, and i know im the backup guy, will she ever really like me from heart?

  • No, she will never love you from heart becoz u are not the best in her life, even if she become your girlfriend - she will never love you from heart and will dump you when some better guy comes along.
  • Yes she can love you if you show her true love you have for her.
  • Others (please explain)
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  • Teach her what a man is!, she needs to learn self respect as you said, a better selfesteem, love, etc... but try doing this without flirting with her. STOP/reduce the flirting, because by doing that, she is either only playing around or in need of more ego...
    Show her you're worth it.
    Good luck! xoxo


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  • She loves the chase. You are the just there guy.. You could at one point get some upset from the breakup sex though.

    • So she will never love me from heart?
      i will never own her heart?

    • I would say yes as a friend

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  • If you both genuinely get along really well just accept it for what it is. You both obviously aren't dating exclusively. If you do desire something more gather up the courage to ask her about it. Also since she flirts her feelings for the both of you there's a chance it could work if you're not the jealous type. An open relationship is an option too however the flirting has to evolve into more.

  • So cringe.

  • I'm so sorry to tell this mate, I think better be off from her. And I have been used like that. It really hurts when they chose to leave you. She'll never love you from heart.

  • you can consider an open relationship