Getting more attention... but don't know how to react?

I've lost about 15lbs and get more attention but I don't know how to react. Like I went to a cheese and wine night the other day and this girl was touching my shoulder a few times and making it obvious she was flirting but I did nothing.

Obviously this gave gave the impression I wasn't interested but the fact is I don't know how to flirt in a touchy way unless I'm really relaxed, maybe it was a sign I didn't like her which is probably true but I felt awkward. I have been flirty in the past but haven't really done anything since leaving uni and starting work in a new city eighteen months back. I put on a few pounds and only brought it back down in the past couple months.


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  • You just lost weight. It sounds like you've been focusing on your own well being which is great.
    Do you want to date right now?

    • I think so yeah, I'm 22 now and settled with a job. I'm living at home because I refuse to pay sky high rents and don't anticipate moving out for a while.

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    • I'd say it does, I don't agree with woman being too picky. I think it's just natural selection. Most woman only want a few partners at most so it's understandable. Guys on the other hand are perhaps more programmed to having more partners as we don't have the constraints of pregnancy resting upon us. That's not to say woman can't also do that but that's my opinion on it. Tbh I prefer girls who have fewer partners because it suggests to me they know what they want rather than saying yes to anyone.

    • That's a good view point.

  • Ignore the girl, and don't worry about what others think about you. Don't pay much attention to the attention you are receiving unless they want to help. Stay yourself. I hope this helps...


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