You ever had an interest or hobby that you shared ruined because of an ex or someone you dated?

You ever lost interest in something whether it was a musician, movie, hobby, etc because you dated someone that you shared that interest or hobby with and it ended bad?

I've had it happen a few times where I didn't wanna think or listen to a certain band as me and a woman who used me as a rebound both liked.

I may have not lost interest in it completely but it made it hard for me to listen to and think about for awhile.

It makes me wonder if having too many things in common can be a bad thing depending on the situation.


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  • Yes, sadly. My ex and I were both gamers, we played some good games together. After we broke up I haven't touched those games at all. I don't even have a desire to play any game. And I was a gamer even before I met him. It's not that playing it reminds me of him, but it's just not as interesting as sharing it with him. Same goes with some TV shows. I just dropped them.

    Same happened with my first boyfriend. He made me like a certain genre of music, but when we broke up I didn't listen to that type of music anymore.

    I came to realize that having many things in common is not so good. It's great while in relationship, but after you break up you kinda loose yourself. That's why it's important to have some different hobbies and your own little corner where no one, not even your partner, will join.

    • That sucks. Yeah a few months ago I met a girl that I had a lot in common with. She was big into metal and horror like me. And we had our differences but for the most part, we were very similar. Sadly I was a rebound to her but the most fucked up thibg was she led me on, manipulated me, and ditched me after we had sex. I also found out she was sleeping around by finding an empty condom from another guy in her bed, when she invited me to her place and into her room that day.

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    • To be honest, I think everyone is a rebound. We all had exes and we all got hurt and fucked at some point, so meeting someone who can put the pieces of our broken heart back together is not a bad thing. I think we all do that all the time. The only difference is that some people stay with the rebound and some don't. Like for example, even if I'm okay now and fine by myself, my heart is still empty and broken because my ex left it like that. And it's gonna stay that way until someone new comes in, you know. Maybe he WILL be a rebound, but if he's good then I'm not gonna let go of him. Rebound relationships can grow into love! :)

    • I disagree with that. I know what you mean but being on the rebound means they're not emotionally available and not over the ex. If they're neutral or indifferent towards the ex then they're not on the rebound, regardless of what happened.

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  • I know a girl who was into rock climbing and had a bad breakup with her ex who she use to do it with all the time. Now she doesn't want to do it anymore.

    • Yeah I'm sure that'd ruin it. It was crazy, this girl I was seeing put on one of my favorite obscure bands songs and had us make out to it but luckily that didn't get ruined after it ended. Other stuff did though.